Border Run and "The Lost Pudding" 1st - 4th August

This event takes place every year with barely any organisation. Motorcycle riders from around Australia meet at the Border Village on the WA/SA State border. Riders arrive for a general get together on the 1st Saturday night in August. Some stay in cabin accommodation while others sleep rough over the road from the quarantine inspection area. These meets have been going for 38 years.

This year Alan Tilbee, Keith Bushby, “Pud” Stone, “Tassie” Heazlewood, Colin Grayson and Ian Steel rode out to the Border for a night of fun and frivolity scheduled for the Saturday night. Leaving on Friday morning and arriving back home on Monday afternoon.

It gets cold at Balladonia!

The highlight of the ride was supposed to be seeing, and, hopefully being photographed with “The Pudding”.

Unfortunately a member of the BMW Motorcycle Club hadn’t passed it on so everyone was mystified as to the location of the pudding somewhere in Australia!

History of the Pudding

A Big Sister Self-saucing Pudding has been travelling Australia by motorcycle for 39 years after gaining a reputation for "just going along for the ride".

The Pudding's owner, Bear, is a member of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Western Australia; here's how his pudding became famous. The Pudding was originally camping tucker for a South Australian couple who stayed at Bear's place for a few days in 1976. They left it behind and Bear returned it when he next visited them. The joke started when Bear found the Pudding hidden amongst his gear when he got back home. After a few more trips the Pudding had a reputation for going along for the ride and other riders started to take it on their journeys.

It would be impossible to calculate the hundreds of thousands of miles the Pudding has travelled since. By 1994 it had climbed Ayres Rock (Uluru) five times and travelled all the major bike routes in Australia including many outback roads. Riders have been known to ride right across the country for no other reason than to retrieve the Pudding. In 1999 the Pudding's tin developed a crack; it's now encased in resin to ensure its survival on future rides. The pudding is a highly sought after passenger whenever a camp is broken and the riders disperse.

Rules attached to the privilege of carrying the pudding:

1. It can only travel by motorcycle.

2. You cannot eat the pudding in a survival situation unless you have already consumed all the fluids in the motorcycle and eaten the tyres. Of course, if you were unfortunate enough to survive such a desperate experience there a number of places you would no longer be welcome.

3. In the event of the motorcycle requiring retrieval The Pudding must remain packed in or on the bike and under no circumstance is it to travel by other means.


Our Itinerary

Friday 1st Aug 863 km

7:00 am Leave Pingelly

6:00 pm Arrived at Balladonia

Sat 2nd Aug 531 km

7:00 am on the road. Woke to -2 degree temperature.

2:30pm WST Arrived at Border Village SA

Sunday 3rd Aug 923 km

7:00 am WST left Border Village

Arrived at Esperance at 5:30 pm

Mon 4th 547 km

Had a look around Esperance – visited Stonehenge (shut – but visible from road) Checked out the now BLUE Pink Lake.

Arrived home at 5:00 pm